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Junior Cash ISA

A tax-free savings account for young people

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Save tax-free and build up a valuable nest egg to give your child a head start in life.

Our Junior Cash ISA Account allows you and your family and friends to save tax-free on behalf of a child.  This account can be opened on behalf of a child up to the age of 16 by a person with parental responsibility for the child.  

Only the child can make withdrawals from the account and not until they are 18.

So if you want to save tax-free on behalf of a child, read on for the full terms and conditions of our Junior Cash ISA.

Before applying for the Junior Cash ISA please download our Account Leaflet (right) to view a summary which will help you understand the account's Terms and Conditions.

Account name:
Junior Cash ISA
Minimum amount to open the account:
Investment conditions:
Minimum £1.  Maximum up to the current annual Junior Cash ISA subscription limit in each tax year.  All funds invested in the account belong to the child.
Withdrawal conditions:
Withdrawals are not allowed until the child reaches 18.
Interest payment:
We work out interest every day and add it to the account on 31 December.

We pay interest before tax is taken off it as long as you keep to Junior Cash ISA regulations and conditions.
A child is eligible for this account if they are under 16, do not have a Child Trust Fund and are ordinarily resident in the UK.  Joint accounts are not allowed.
When the child reaches the age of eighteen, the account will be closed, and the balance, including any interest earned, will be transferred to our Cash ISA or similar account in the child's name.  We will then work out interest at the rate applicable for that account.
Other features:
A person with parental responsibility for any child is able to open a Junior Cash ISA, become the registered contact and save on behalf of a child.  Our Junior Cash ISA can only be opened on behalf of a child up to the age of 16 but other Junior Cash ISA providers may allow accounts to be opened up to the age of 18.

A child can hold two types of Junior ISA, a stocks and shares ISA and a Cash ISA.  Between the ages of 16 and 18 they can hold one of each Junior Cash ISA plus an adult Cash ISA.

The maximum amount which can be paid into the Junior Cash ISA in each tax year (6 April - 5 April the following year) is the maximum amount permitted by the Individual Savings Account Regulations 1998, as amended from time to time.

At the moment the Government have no plans to stop offering ISAs.

The Government cannot guarantee the favourable tax treatment of ISAs and the situation may change in the future.

You will have 14 days after you open this Junior Cash ISA to close the account if you decide it is not suitable for you.  You can close the account at any branch or by writing to our head office.  There are more details in the general terms and conditions (savings and investments) leaflet.

Transfers-In from other ISA Managers - On receipt of a transfer instruction from you we will forward it to the old Junior ISA manager, together with a confirmation that we will accept the transfer, within 5 business days of the date of receipt, and on receipt of the cash and accompanying information from the old ISA manager, we will credit the cash to the Junior Cash ISA account within 3 business days of the date of receipt.

Transfers-Out to other ISA Managers - On receipt of a transfer instruction from another Junior ISA manager we will send the cash and accompanying information to the new Junior ISA manager within 5 business days of receipt of the instructions.

You should make sure that you understand all of the terms and conditions of this account.

You can ask us for more information about these.
The Financial Conduct Authority is the independent financial services regulator.  It says that we, Darlington Building Society, must give you this information to help you decide whether our cash ISA is right for you. You should read this document carefully so that you understand what you are buying, and then keep it safe to refer to in the future.

Current interest rates

Amount Gross Gross AER #
£1+ 3.00% 3.00%

Please make sure that you have read and fully understand the full terms and conditions before you decide to open this account. If you need any further information please telephone 01325 366366, email or contact your local branch.
You should also read our general terms and conditions which you can download to the left of this page and which also form part of the terms and conditions of this account.
We are part of the Financial Services Compensation Scheme.
# - A.E.R. stands for Annual Equivalent Rate and illustrates what the interest rate would be if interest was paid and added once each year.

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