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Fixed rate mortgages
Product Initial Rate Until Then Changing To The Overall Cost For Comparison Is Product Fee
5 Year Fixed Rate Mortgage FR228 2.69% 30/04/2022 5.70% 4.60% APRC Product fee £999 £120 account fee. Valuation Fee applicable. The maximum contribution from the Society will be up to £300.00 and the actual amount depends on the value of the property. Legal fees paid by the society for remortgages (providing Enact are instructed).
Step On - 3 Year Fixed Rate Mortgage FR225 3.99% 30/04/2020 5.70% 5.40% APRC £299 Product fee £120 account fee. £300 contribution by the Society to cost of your basic valuation. No Higher Lending Charge

Darlington Building Society are required to provide you with Standard Information which is a representative of the current mortgages, which is set out below:

Standard InformationRepresentative Example
The total amount of credit£80,000
Duration of the contract25 Years
The duration of the fixed period5 Years
The initial fixed rate3.79%
The amount of the fixed instalments£416.39
The number of the fixed instalments60
The frequency of the fixed instalmentsMonthly
Our Standard Variable Rate5.7%
The duration of the Standard Variable Rate period20 Years
The frequency of the Standard Variable Rate instalmentsMonthly
The amount of Variable Rate Installments£489.36
The total amount payable£142,529.80
Mortgage Redemption Fee£100
Product Fee£527
Completion Fee£120
The overall cost for comparison5.1% APRC

If all or part of your income is in a currency other than Pound Sterling (£), you should be aware about the risks of fluctuations in currency exchange rates. If the value of the relevant currency moves against you by at least 20% then that may make it more difficult for you to afford your mortgage payments.