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Buy to let mortgages
Product Initial Rate Until Then Changing To The Overall Cost For Comparison Is Product Fee
2 year buy to let discount D303 3.14% 31/05/2019 5.70% 5.30% APRC £499 product fee. £120 account fee. Valuation Fee payable according to the Society's scale.
5 year buy to let fixed rate FR215 3.49% 30/11/2021 5.70% 5.00% APRC £999 product fee. £120 account fee. Valuation Fee payable according to the Society's scale.

Darlington Building Society are required to provide you with Standard Information which is a representative of the current mortgages, which is set out below:

Standard InformationRepresentative Example
The total amount of credit£116,350
Duration of the contract22 Years
The duration of the fixed/variable/tracker period2 Years (variable)
The initial fixed/variable/tracker rate2.39%
The amount of the fixed/variable tracker instalments£570.38 (variable)
The number of the fixed/variable/tracker instalments24
The frequency of the fixed/variable/tracker instalmentsMonthly
Our Standard Variable Rate5.7% (variable)
The duration of the Standard Variable Rate period20 Years (variable)
The frequency of the Standard Variable Rate instalmentsMonthly
The amount of Variable Rate Installments£760.31 (variable)
The total amount payable£196,263.52
Mortgage Exit Fee£100
Product Fee£549
Account Fee£120
The overall cost for comparison5.2% APRC

If all or part of your income is in a currency other than Pound Sterling (£), you should be aware about the risks of fluctuations in currency exchange rates. If the value of the relevant currency moves against you by at least 20% then that may make it more difficult for you to afford your mortgage payments. Your mortgage is secured against your home, if you do not keep up with repayments on your mortgage your home may be repossessed.