Corporate Governance

We are dedicated to remaining a mutual independent building society, run for our members.  Our strategy of corporate governance reflects this aim. The Society is run by a Board of Directors, whose principal functions are to determine the group's strategy and policies, to establish guidelines and to review business performance and its management.

Thriving. Independent. Regional.

Our Society was formed almost 160 years ago in 1856, as the Darlington Working Men's Equitable Permanent Building Society, to benefit the local people of Darlington.  Lots of things have changed since those early days, including our name, but Darlington Building Society's dedication to providing benefits to its members has not changed. And never will.


Much of the day to day management of the Society is done by the Executive Committee, but the Board does operate four sub-committees to deal with specific issues.

Here you will find some key documenation relating to how the building society is run, if you have any questions or queries please get in touch.

At Darlington Building Society we are committed to encouraging a culture of openness, accountability and transparency to help identify any form of malpractice or wrongdoing.

Here is some useful information to help you understand whistleblowing and whether this is the most appropriate route to raise your concern or whether there are other, better suited options for you.

We will always aim to treat people with honesty and integrity, putting the interests of our members first.

We introduced a Charitable Assignment Scheme on 1 February 2000 to avoid the possibility of disruption to business from speculators who open savings accounts in the hope of receiving windfall conversion benefits.  We believe this benefits our genuine members and ensures that the high standard of service expected by them is not compromised.

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