What is an AGM?

An AGM (or Annual General Meeting) is a meeting of our Members. We share with you a review of the last year as well as sharing details of our future strategy. 

Each year we invite eligible Members* to take part in our AGM, to vote and help shape the future of our Society. You have the opportunity to elect or re-elect our Board of Directors and to vote for or against our ordinary resolutions.

During the AGM, Members can ask our Board Members questions and comment on how we run the Society.

*Who can vote?

We invite eligible Members to vote. To be eligible you must be all of the following:

The first named account holder,

Aged 18 or over at the date of the AGM,

Have £100 or more invested with the Society or have a mortgage of £100 or more.

How can I vote?

We send voting packs out to Members by post in April. The pack offers you the opportunity to vote by post, online or at the AGM. To vote online please ensure you have your security code provided on your AGM invitation letter and click here: www.agmvoting.darlington.co.uk

We encourage all our Members to vote and help shape our future. In return for voting we will donate 35p to charity if you vote by post. We will increase this to 50p for every online vote cast and we will donate £1 for every member who attends the AGM in person. The funds raised will be split between two charities equally. From the types of charities you voted for at last year's AGM, Members voted in branch and online for specific charities to be supported in the most popular categories. This year's beneficiaries are the Great North Air Ambulance and Teesdale and Weardale Mountain Rescue.