Our History, Vision and Values

Our Society was formed over 160 years ago in 1856, as the Darlington Working Men's Equitable Permanent Building Society, to benefit the local people of Darlington. Lots of things have changed since those early days, including our name, yet our purpose and ethos have not changed.

Our Purpose

We operate as a mutual organisation which means we exist for our members. As with all building societies, we have no outside shareholders to pay dividends to.  This means all of our profits are used to benefit our members through attractive interest rates and efficient and friendly service.  We offer a straight-forward and attractive range of mortgage and savings products, especially designed to meet the current and future financial needs of our members and customers.
We have over 160 years experience and we are committed to remaining a strong independent mutual for the long term.

Vision, Mission & Values

Our vision is to be a thriving, independent regional building society that creates a feeling of pride amongst its staff, members and community.

Our mission is to develop our staff, technology, customers, brand and place ourselves at the heart of the communities we serve to make a real difference. We will share our funds people, resources, physical spaces and skills for mutual benefit.

Our values are:

  • People Helping People
  • Genuine in all we do
  • Make a real difference
  • Rewarding Membership and Loyalty

Our Belief

We will focus on 'what counts and not just what's counted', we will 'optimise profit, not maximise it'.