Visit the charity shops

Instead of buying an entirely new costume this year, why not consider visiting your local charity shop to see if there is anything that fits the bill? If there’s nothing specifically Halloween-themed, keep an eye out for items you can DIY or customise.

Exchange clothes

We all have a Halloween costume lurking in the back of our wardrobe and it’s likely we’ve only worn it once. This year, club together with friends and family by making a Facebook group to see what you’ve got and make costume swaps instead of buying brand new.

Not only is this fun, it’s also free!

Swap a mask for makeup

If you’re looking to cut back this season and own some makeup, create your Halloween mask this way instead of buying one. It’s amazing what makeup can do and with some help from a YouTube tutorial, you’ll be looking like your favourite spooky character in no time.

Make your own decorations

Halloween decorations can be expensive, so it’s best not to get sucked in by all the seasonal buys when out shopping. Instead, taking the DIY route is a great way to save money.

Discover a wide range of free printable Halloween templates online, print them out at home and stick them in different places to create a spooky vibe. You can also create your own Halloween cards, labels and treat boxes.

Don’t just carve pumpkins, cook them!

When it comes to Halloween, we all think of carving pumpkins but often we forget that they can be used to make some delicious, hearty recipes.

If you have bought large pumpkins to decorate, make sure to put the flesh and seeds to one side and use the flesh to create a tasty soup and toast the seeds for another day to put on top of a crunchy salad.

Enjoy old-school party games

Old-school party games mean that you don’t have to spend virtually any money to have a good time. Enjoy a game of scary hide ‘n’ seek or bob for apples – classic but fun!

Bake your own sweet treats

Buying bulk chocolate and sweets for the occasion can cost more than you think, so why not have a go at baking your own sweet treats to enjoy?

There are plenty of Halloween-themed cookie, cupcake, brownie and cake recipes to be found online. Plus, compared to the cost of shop-bought sweets, baking ingredients are a fraction of the price.

Tuck into homemade party nibbles

There’s more than just the sweet treats when it comes to Halloween but you don’t have to put on a full spread to make the season enjoyable.

If you’re hosting a Halloween party this year, make your own inexpensive finger food and small snacks/appetisers instead of spending lots of money in the supermarket on Halloween-themed party food.


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