Published: 22 June 2023

The later life lending market is expected to reach an eye watering half a trillion pounds in the next decade, providing a huge opportunity for your older clients to invest in property.

At Darlington Intermediaries, we understand that life doesn’t end at retirement and that it often marks the start of an exciting new journey. That’s why we are happy to lend into retirement, and will even consider lending if your client is already retired.

When we consider your clients application, we take a range of income into account. Including, but not limited to, pension income, SIPP’s, drawdown pensions, investment income and land and property. If your client is the owner of a limited company, we can also consider earned income up to the age of 75. There is no maximum age for repayment mortgages.

When lending into retirement at the age of 70, we can lend up to 80% LTV, and up to 70% for those who are already retired. This can be used with joint borrower sole proprietor, and can link 4 incomes at 4.5x LTI – making the dream of property ownership a reality.

We take pride in our ability to take on your complex cases, and that’s why at Darlington Intermediaries, we also offer your client the opportunity to release funds from a property to support their children getting onto the housing ladder.

Looking for a later life lender? Darlington Intermediaries is the answer.

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