Published: 29 November 2022
Low deposit fixed rate mortgages. Chris Brown, Director of Products and Marketing, Darlington Building Society

Darlington Building Society is now offering two low deposit, five year Fixed Rate mortgages, providing the much-needed stability many first-time buyers are seeking at the moment.

The low deposit range includes a 90% loan to value (LTV) mortgage, available nationwide. This mortgage requires just a 10% deposit, offering a fixed rate of interest for five years. This means that repayments will remain fixed for the initial five-year term.

The other mortgage is exclusive to Darlington Building Society’s local operating area. It requires just a 5% deposit (95% LTV). This mortgage also offers a Fixed Rate of interest for five years.

Chris Brown, Products and Marketing Director at Darlington Building Society said: “At Darlington Building Society we hope bringing our low deposit, Fixed Rate mortgages back to the market will provide much-needed opportunities for those looking to buy their own home.

“The turbulent mortgage market has limited the availability of low deposit fixed rate mortgages on a national and local level. By being back in this segment of the market, we are pleased to be able to help those with a low deposit to find their place on the property ladder, both nationally and with our local area exclusive.”

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