Published: 02 June 2023

Our award-winning self and custom build mortgages allow your client to build their dream home from the ground up or renovate an existing property. Our criteria caters to a range of complex circumstances, suited to your clients individual needs, allowing your client to build a property as unique as they are.

Why place a self-build case with us?

Well to start, we’ve won ‘Best Self Build Lender’ at the Build It Awards two years in a row, but even though we’re pretty chuffed with that, it’s not ALL about the awards…

Our exclusive partnership with BuildLoan guarantees you work with a dedicated underwriter and enquiries team who specialise in self and custom build cases. We offer large loans up to £1.5m at 85% loan to cost, and 80% loan to value on an advanced stage release basis. We are happy to consider modern methods of construction too, such as timber frames and light weight cladding.

With BuildLoan, both the client and ourselves receive a professional review of build costs before the application is submitted, which mitigates the risk of the client running out of funds and providing peace of mind. We can offer higher LTVs and LTCs, with cost-based lending and advance stage payments because of the support provided by BuildLoan and the MIG and Build Out Cover. We value the Build Monitoring service provided by BuildLoan which keeps us informed on where the build is and can flag any issues early on and if an issue were to arise during the build, BuildLoan will work with us and the broker to support.

But it doesn’t stop there, we offer stage release payments that can either be paid out following successful build steps, or in advance. Our rates and fees are competitive but better still, your client can choose to add them onto the mortgage amount, instead of paying upfront.

Not only do we do all of the above, but with Darlington Intermediaries, your client can transfer to a loyalty rate once the build is complete without an ERC, and you will receive our product transfer fee which is currently 0.2%, if you action it.

Chris Blewitt, Head of Intermediary Distribution said; “As a multi-award-winning self and custom build lender, I’m confident that we are well placed to support self-builders complete the home of their dreams. Whether this be a traditional build, or an eco-focussed build utilising modern method of construction, Darlington Intermediaries can help make your clients dreams come true.”

To discover our self and custom build offering, contact the team today on 01325 741 004 or email, alternatively you can find your local BDM here.