Published: 25 August 2022

Keeping it sweet for the birds and bees with Darlington Building SocietyClimate Action North received £6,400 from the Society’s 5% Pledge earlier this year to create a ‘Pollinator Parks®’ site in Darlington, where bees and other vital pollinators will benefit.

Climate Action North East’s ultimate aim is to create a ‘green corridor’ across the north of England, to help pollinating insects find food. Pollination is a natural, essential process that many of the vegetables, fruits, and the crops that feed our livestock, rely on to be fertilised.

At the same time, the Society has committed to support members and colleagues to live a greener life whilst also minimising the Society’s carbon footprint. Part of this ongoing commitment has been to use the 5% Pledge to support community projects such as this one which focus on improving our environment.

Sharon Lashley, Climate Action North Managing Director, said: “We’re trying to create safe places for pollinators, as we all know that they’re under significant threat. Without the pollinators, such as bees, butterflies, birds, hover flies, and so on, we humans are going to be in trouble.

“We were absolutely thrilled to bits when we heard we had been successful with our application. As we filled in the application form, it felt like a perfect match between what we are trying to do, and what the Society is helping to facilitate.

“This project is not just about the environment, it’s about people and places as well. The Pollinator Parks® do a wonderful job of providing wild areas for pollinating insects, while also bringing to life under-used or grey areas area that have been neglected or gone to seed.”

The park will also serve as a community area and is being created in collaboration with Darlington Parent Carers Forum, which is also being supported by Darlington Building Society, and Friends of the Denes.

The organisations are keen to involve volunteers, and hope that some will become guardians of the parks.

Trish Brown, executive assistant at Darlington Building Society said: “This year, the Society is building on its focus and commitment to supporting the wider community, particularly on the important subject of climate change.

“By supporting Climate Action North in their collaboration with Darlington Parent Carers Forum, we are bringing the community and environmental aspects together, doubling the impact. “

You can learn more about our 5% Pledge here.