If you’re looking for a fun way to boost your savings, or simply searching for a good place to start, pick one of our 7 savvy savings challenges to kickstart your journey to becoming a #SuperSaver today!

1.  No spend month.

How much will you save? A ‘no spend’ month challenges you to curb the impulse spending, only allowing budget for the absolute essentials (bills and groceries). This challenge will highlight just how much you’re spending on unnecessary purchases, whilst helping you save a small sum.

2.  £1 savings challenge.

This challenge could save you £365! All you have to do is put away £1 every day for 365 days, which is only £7 a week. This could be achieved by avoiding the daily Costa visit, or saying no to the weekend take-away.

3.  100 envelope challenge.

This challenge could save you £5,050! If you’re looking for a challenge to help you save a larger sum, try the 100-envelope challenge. Kick off by numbering envelopes 1 to 100, then throughout the year simply pick an envelope and stuff it with the matching amount of money… so envelope 75 would require £75, and so on. If you don’t feel comfortable having large amounts of cash in your home, then go digital. Use the envelopes as prompts and transfer the money into a savings account instead.

4.  1p challenge.

This challenge could save you £667.95! This challenge involves saving little and often. On the first day put away 1p, then 2p the next day, 3p the next day and 4p the day after… continue like this, saving an extra penny a day every day for 365 days.

5.  Monthly money saver.

This challenge could save you £780. The monthly money saver starts with £10 in the first month, £20 in the second, £30 in the third and £40 in the fourth… continuing this challenge for the year would see you saving £120 in the last month and nearly £800 in a year!

6.  52-week savings challenge.

This challenge could save you £1,378! Start by saving £1 in the first week, £2 in the second and £3 in the third… increasing the amount by £1 each week. This challenge increases with difficulty throughout the year, but will help you save over £1000!

7.  Set a savings goal.

With Darlingtonline you can set a savings goal to help you stay on track. Simply select the purpose of your goal, decide how much you want to save and how long for.

You’ll be prompted to tell us how much you can afford to save each month, this will help us work out if you can achieve your goal, allowing you to adjust your target and the amount of time accordingly. Making it easier than ever to track your savings!

Which savings challenge will you choose? Share your journey with us by tagging us in your progress posts!

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