Diabetes UK

Diabetes UK

Diabetes is the most potentially devastating – and fastest-growing – health crisis of our time. It affects more people than any other serious health condition in the UK, and every day around 700 more people are diagnosed with the condition.

We’re fighting for a world where diabetes can do no harm. At the moment it does too much harm. Diabetes causes thousands of devastating complications like heart failures, amputations and strokes every week. And every day 65 people with diabetes die early.

Your support means we’re able to help the 4.5 million with diabetes in the UK live healthy and happy lives. This includes more than 15,500 diagnosed with the condition in the South Tees CCG area, and an estimated 4,800 local people living with undiagnosed Type 2 diabetes.

To find out more about our work, please visit www.diabetes.org.uk

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Remember to be vigilant when you receive communications from someone claiming to be us. Be wary about any communication from someone asking for personal details. You can find out more about fraud and cyber-crime by visiting the Action Fraud website: www.actionfraud.police.uk