Trinity Holistic Centre

Trinity Holistic Centre

Last year The Trinity Holistic Centre base at the James Cook University Hospital provided support to over 2,500 people affected by cancer.

We want to offer this incredible service to all families affected by cancer and long term conditions across Teesside; the opportunity to access emotional, practical and wellbeing support to help with their diagnosis, treatment and beyond.

Set within a purpose built centre, the Trinity Holistic Centre is a charitable service providing non clinical support to families affected by cancer and long term conditions.   The centre provides a range of support from survivorship programmes, diet and exercise advice, counselling for families to massage and a range of complimentary therapies relieving the symptoms of their varied conditions.

Families in the region face many health inequalities including higher levels of certain cancer groups and long term condition occurrence, lower levels of health literacy and importantly knowledge of support available to help them. Within the Trinity Holistic Centre we have seen a significant increase in the number of younger patients seeking assistance to cope with their diagnosis.  Often with young families the centre offers a holistic service ranging from counselling and therapies for the entire family affected.

The Centre is also home to a number of vital support groups, including breast and bowel cancer support and operation walnut – a prostate cancer group. These are extremely popular, offering patients a chance to talk to others going through similar experiences; a vital component contributing to recovery and coping.

Although run as an integrated part of the NHS – the service is entirely funded by charitable donations.

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