Jessica's Smile

Jessica's Smile

Jessica's Smile makes awards to children from the North East who have been newly diagnosed with cancer or leukaemia, and who are receiving treatment at the RVI in Newcastle.  The children can apply for up to £125 to be spent on any goods or activities that will bring some fun into their young lives during treatment. 

When a child is diagnosed with a childhood cancer they spend hour after hour at hospital, both as inpatients and outpatients, enduring multiple blood tests, chemotherapy, general anaesthetics, lumbar punctures, bone marrow tests, MRI scans etc etc.  The regimes are necessarily tough and they take their toll, both physically and emotionally on the children and their families.  We offer them an opportunity to either escape the hospital environment and go on a fun break for the day e.g. theme park, zoo, theatre trip, or else to buy something that will make their lives at home or in hospital more enjoyable e.g. computer games, ride-along cars, books, toys etc.

If we were to win £1000 we could bring joy to eight children's lives!!   Please help us to support the children.  Thank you.

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