The Junction

The Junction

The Junction is a local based charity which exists to make a difference to the lives of children, young people and their families. (Registered charity no. 1125578/ Company No. 6648312)

Based in Redcar and working across the Borough The Junction works with children, young people and families in the hert of our local community including young carers and their families, young people who are unemployed and young people impacted upon with poor mental health.  In the last year The Junction supported more than 900 children and young people.

We aim to make a difference by:

  • Improving mental health and build resilience-Supporting young people to overcome anxiety, worry and depression to lead happier and fulfilling lives
  • Making life better for young carers-reducing the negative impacts on their childhood and lives due to being a young carer
  • Transforming young people’s lives, unlock their potential and so they haave the confidence and self belief to gain employment

“The one to one session benefit me as I have someone to open up to and get everything out. I can open up and it feels like a big sigh of release afterwards”.-Young Carer

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Watch out for fraud

Remember to be vigilant when you receive communications from someone claiming to be us. Be wary about any communication from someone asking for personal details. You can find out more about fraud and cyber-crime by visiting the Action Fraud website: