Cash For Kids

Cash For Kids

Cash for Kids aim is to respond to the needs of children in our local communities and give the most disadvantaged a better and brighter future. We aspire to enable all children to live life to the full and achieve their individual potential. Every year we raise funds for local children and young people aged 0-18 years old, who are suffering from abuse, neglect, who are disabled or who simply need extra care or guidance.

In the North East 1 in 3 children are living in poverty and in some towns this is much higher. Child poverty is defined as living in a home that is cold, damp, or both, only having one hot meal a day – this is usually their school meal and having inadequate clothing. Together, we can help to change this and most importantly, we make a promise that all funds raised here, stay here to make a direct improvement to our surrounding communities. Our grants go towards enhancing children’s quality of life this may be through buying specialist equipment, once in a life time experiences or improving facilities and access to specialist services. We are extremely proud that our contribution rate is currently 94p in the pound doubling the national average.

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