Welcome to your future

Here at Darlington Building Society we are able to offer our staff a unique working experience. Now 160 years old we have had many years practise at getting this right and look to continually offer exciting new opportunities to our staff and anyone wishing to be part of our team. We see ourselves as a “family” in which we all contribute towards the Society's common goals and strategic visions and values. Sitting at the heart of the community we serve, we work in partnership to deliver the best, most efficient and personalised service to our customers each and every day.

Our passion for our employees has led us to design nine core people values which we feel are vitally important areas to engage, empower and develop all who work within the Society.

We’re investing in our technology and approaches to allow you to access resources at a time and on a device that suits you – we’re on a path to transforming how we approach learning at work and that ultimately revolves around individual preference.

Here you can find all the latest opportunities to join our team.

The volunteer programme was set up in order to encourage members of staff to get involved in initiatives which have the aim to help local causes. Also, we encourage staff to seek out their own opportunities but we also work with Hambleton Community Action, Durham Community Action and Darlington Cares to provide you with a chance to get involved.

Here you will find the awards we have received for our approach to making Darlington Building Society a great place to work.