Awards and Accreditations

Here you will find the awards we have received for our approach to making Darlington Building Society a great place to work.

In 2015 the Society embarked on an exciting new journey with the Best Companies Organisation in a quest to drive staff engagement and showcase what a great a place to work we were.


In 2016 we were delighted that our first staff survey results awarded us as a Best Company “One to Watch”, meaning that our staff felt we were a really good place to work and overall we were an employer that was being watched with a keen eye as to what was to come.


Throughout that year we worked hard with our staff to build upon this and strive to make the Society an even better place to work.


In 2017 our hard work paid off and we were thrilled to be awarded a Best Companies “1 Star Accreditation”, meaning our staff now felt we were a very good place to work and such a significant achievement which showed us an organisation taking workplace engagement seriously.


To mark this award our Staff Celebrated throughout the Network on National Best Companies Day which was held on March 3rd. Here are just a few pictures of the fun our staff got up to…


As a Disability Confident Employer we:

• have undertaken and successfully completed the Disability Confident self-assessment

• are taking all of the core actions to be a Disability Confident employer

• are offering at least one activity to get the right people for our business and at least one activity to keep and develop our people.