Life at DBS

Our passion for our employees has led us to design nine core people values which we feel are vitally important areas to engage, empower and develop all who work within the Society.

The right people in the right place

Not only hiring the right people for the right job but the right people for our unique culture.

Reward & Recognition

Ensuring all our staff are rewarded competitively and that our total reward package is unique and bespoke to the Darlington.

Nurturing Excellence

Working with our staff to develop and nurture theirs skills to get the most out of their career.


We are firm believers that people work for people and that’s why our leaders play a vital role within the Society. We encourage our leadership team to empower, motivate and inspire people to engage with our vision.

Staff Engagement

Happy staff are more fulfilled in their roles and in turn deliver improved business performance. That’s why our staff’s happiness is measured through regular feedback channels to make sure we are creating the right business environment to achieve this culture.

Health & Wellbeing

We believe that taking a proactive approach to the health & wellbeing of our staff is what makes us a responsible employer.


Making sure the Society conducts itself in a way that is ethical. This means taking account of our social, economic and environmental impact, and consideration of human rights.

Risk Management

Making sure we protect our people, our customers and the Society as a whole


Creating working environments that are comfortable, accommodating and inviting to our staff and customers.