Meet the team

These mini biographies try to give you a little insight into some of the key people and departments within the Society.

Colin Fyfe

Chief Executive

I have the pleasure of leading the DBS team and representing the Society in the local community, within our Sector and with our Regulators and other stakeholders.

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Christopher White

Finance Director

I manage the Finance and Treasury teams in the Society. Together we ensure that the Society remains a financially robust business.

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Louise Thorpe

Branch Operations Manager

I currently lead the branch network, which consists of 10 branches spread across our region. Our network focuses on providing excellent customer service, being knowledgeable, helpful and friendly to our existing and new members, as well as having a strong presence within the local community, whereby we volunteer and share our skills and space.

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Adam Royal

Financial Controller

I manage the Finance Function within the Society, ensuring that we produce accurate financial and management information, data and analysis.

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Paul Pimm

Treasury Manager

I manage the Treasury Function within the Society, ensuring that the Society’s investments remain safe and that they are available to meet our commitments as and when required.

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Michael Cowan

Risk and Compliance Manager

I manage the Risk and Compliance Department, advising, assisting and supporting the Society’s customers and Senior Management in achieving the vision and values in a risk managed and regulatory compliant manner.

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Jonathan Harwood

Technical Services Manager

My role within the Society is to manage the IT responsibilities within the Technology department as well as provide technical support for all hardware, software and network related issues.

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Niki Barker

HR Manager

I manage the Human Resource, Learning & Development and Facilities Function within the Society, ensuring that we hire and look after the best people whilst providing excellent surroundings for our staff and customers.

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Darren Ditchburn

General Manager - Customer Experience & Distribution

I am responsible for the distribution of products and services to customers through the Society’s distribution channels including; branches, intermediaries & online.

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Caroline Darnbrook

General Manager - Customer Strategy & Delivery

My responsibility is to lead the Brand, Products, Marketing, Customer Insight, Website, Community, Volunteering and External Communications activities of the Society.

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Sarah Horley

Customer Support Manager

I look after a team who are always looking to provide and enhance the customer journey by providing an effective, efficient and excellent customer service.

Paul Gillson

General Manager - IT

I manage Information Technology department within the Society, ensuring that we provide a high level of service to staff so that they can focus on the customer – not the computer.

Phil Taylor

Credit Manager

I work closely with the Central Mortgage Team and our Branches to ensure we provide an efficient and professional service to our Introducers and direct customers.

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Andy Kane

Learning & Development Manager

I lead the Learning and Development approach for the Society, with an emphasis on providing resources and learning content that people can access whenever they need.

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Alison Ince

Quality Assurance Manager

I manage the QA function within the Society, ensuring the co-ordination and effective delivery of the QA Framework and monitoring throughout the business.

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