Andy Kane

Learning & Development Manager

I lead the Learning and Development approach for the Society, with an emphasis on providing resources and learning content that people can access whenever they need to – think ‘that’s just what I need’ rather than ‘just in case’.
I’ve been part of the Society since April 2015, and have been involved in L&D from the early 2000’s in both the private and public sectors. I’ve never come across an organisation that is so focused on doing the right thing for its customers – I take great pride in being part of that and we transfer that ethos to our people. Doing the right thing for our people is investing in knowledge & skills development to help people deliver the best that can and fulfil their potential.
My mantra is ‘Never Stop Learning’ because we never do stop learning – we are constantly learning new things and developing our existing knowledge and skills – it’s in our nature, sometimes we don’t even know we are learning but we do. Imagine you passed your driving test in the summer – you can drive, you’ve got your licence, you’ve passed! But the first time you come to drive when there’s an inch of snow of the ground there’s some learning to be done. It never stops and we support that here at DBS by threading learning through everything we do.