Tom joined Darlington Building Society in January 2020 as the Mortgage Product Manager, after spending 15 years with a major high street bank.

He had been made redundant, but knew that he wanted to stay in the financial services industry. He was excited with the opportunity to work with the Society, although it is a much smaller organisation than Tom was used to.

“I went from a large UK bank, working for shareholders, into a building society which has 170 staff,” he says. “But it’s really good to be part of something that felt to me like it has a social conscience.”

Although he arrived just before lockdown, the investment in tech meant that he was able to easily work from home until it was possible to return to Head Office.

In February 2022, Tom was promoted to Head of Products and is responsible for all the society’s mortgage and savings products, along with heading up a team which includes the Mortgage Product Manager, the Savings Product Manager, and the Assistant Product Manager.

Part of his role is to ensure that they have a really robust range of products which befits the size and magnitude of Darlington Building Society, and he is very proud of the diverse range of mortgage products that the Society offers – “able to accommodate those cut out of traditional high street lending”.

Tom and his team are very excited to be working with the Government on their affordable homes initiatives, specifically the Help to Build programme – a new government equity loan scheme that will be available to people in England who want to custom build or self-build their own home.

Tom says: “We’re right at the forefront of this initiative – the first building society to be pioneering it and leading it for Homes England and the Government. We’ve had really positive feedback from the Government for the work we’ve been doing to ensure that the product is in good shape, ready to launch.”