Adam Swainston Assistant Product Manager

Adam Swainston Assistant Product Manager

Published: 1 June 2022

Adam has worked with us for just over two years, and his career to date is testament to our commitment to growing our own talent.

Quickly progressing through our branch network, Adam was recently recruited as Assistant Product Manager as part of our Products & Marketing team.

Moving across the Society is an attractive option for colleagues. It’s a great way to learn about other areas of the business, hone new skills and climb the career ladder. We fully support the training and development of anybody who demonstrates ambition and talent.

Adam explains: “I became a member of the flexible resource pool after just over a year which allowed me to work across the branch network. Seeing the differences between a Tubwell Row member and a Northallerton member, for example, and how they each have their own requirements of the Society, gave me a unique insight which helped me segue into my current role.”

Adam’s affinity with Darlington Building Society started at a young age, and he always knew that he wanted to be a part of it: “Having an entire career history in customer service and being a member of Darlington Building Society since I was young, it felt like the obvious choice.

“When I first started working here, one colleague even remembered conducting an interview with me when I opened my first Special Occasion Saver account. I knew it would be a dream place to work. I can say that not a day goes by that I am not thankful for being given this opportunity.”

Career ambitions

Although Adam is enjoying his current role, his lofty ambitions and first-hand experience of our ‘grow our own’ talent strategy mean his sights are set on career progression, like many before him: “The opportunity to apply for a role in Products, despite having no experience, is testament to the Society’s desire to grow their own talent.

“Being so new to the Assistant Products Manager role, my current ambition is to focus on learning all there is to being part of this team. However, in the future, I would love to work alongside more teams in the Society and continue to learn new skills.”

The top three things about working at Darlington Building Society

Adam says:

  1. “Being a relatively small organisation, the best thing about Darlington Building Society is the close working relationship you have with everyone, including those at executive level.
  2. “The source of pride I get from being able to say I work for a well-respected organisation in the North East, with a heritage of over 160 years of helping the local community.
  3. “The member feedback I have received during my time in the branches was heart-warming and really demonstrated the impact we have as a Society.”

We are family

More than just a job, Adam explains: “My biggest surprise was probably the fact that my colleague whom I met on day one, Charley, became my closest friend. In 2021 I was so thankful to be invited to Charley’s wedding and, in 2022, she was a special guest at mine.”

When he’s not keeping up with all things product-related, you’ll spot Adam supervising a spot of DIY or exuding big drag energy as his alter-ego: “Having just purchased a house, a lot of my spare time is spent pottering about. Or, more realistically, watching with a glass of wine as my partner does DIY. I enjoy all things Drag Race – the RuPaul variety, not the one with cars – and even have my own drag alter-ego who makes appearances on a weekend.”

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