In January 2021, Jonathan Harwood celebrated ten years with Darlington Building Society.

Throughout that time, our Head of IT has made sure we have the technology we need to provide the pinnacle of service the Society is known for, and that everything runs smoothly so that members can easily access their accounts and manage their money.

“The best thing about this job is the variety, you’re doing a different thing every day,” Jonathan says.

“With the rate the Society is growing, we’ll be getting a new branch connected one day, and upgrading our digital infrastructure the next.”

Growing up in Teesside, Jonathan decided he wouldn’t follow other members of his family into IT. Instead, he chose to put his analytical skills to use for the police and enrolled to study criminology at university.

However, he couldn’t deny his aptitude for computers, and while studying he secured a role with North Yorkshire Police on the force’s technical support team.

Working in a real-world tech setting convinced Jonathan that this truly was the job for him, and he decided to double-down on IT.

Reaffirming his dedication to providing first-class IT support, over the next few years he built a reputation as a reliable, knowledgeable, and friendly IT professional, which eventually led him to Darlington Building Society.

Joining the Society as a member of our technical support team, Jonathan rose up the ranks, quickly becoming a lead IT technician, then Technical Services Manager, and finally, our Head of IT.

He adds: “It’s great how much opportunity the Society offers. It’s really good at finding and maintaining talented people and developing them within the business. Plus, the whole working culture is like nowhere else; it’s very friendly, everyone knows each other, and it just has a real ‘family feel’ to it.”