Sharing 5%

Darlington Building Society has reinforced its commitment to supporting the areas in which it works with a pledge to share five per cent of net profits after tax with the local community.

We are committed to helping our local area in each way we can.

Last year the Society celebrated a milestone year when it reached 160 years old!

To honour this milestone we had three pledges to run throughout the year:

  • To share our resources and benefit 160 local organisations.
  • To use our staffs time to volunteer 160 days to the local community
  • To help raise £160,000 to go into the local area.

In the milestone year we succeeded and surpassed all three pledges to benefit our local community.

This year to grow on our previous year’s commitment we want to put our money where our mouth is. The Society has pledged to support the local area with 5% of our net profits after tax.

All money will be used to support the local area, with funds going to charities and organisations within our area.

County Durham Community Foundation

We are also working very closely with the County Durham Community Foundation who will be managing our charitable giving.

County Durham Community Foundation provides grants that make a genuine difference to the lives of local people.

All of our members receive chances to vote for charitable causes throughout the year within the Society. Upon opening an account or mortgage with the Society members have the opportunity to complete a survey to let the Society know of their  experience and within the survey we do request members to let us know which charitable causes they would like to see benefit from our support.

Also, all members on a yearly basis receive the option whilst voting to again let us know which causes they would like for the Society to support.

Currently our top three causes voted by members for members are:

  • People Helping People (e.g. Mountain Rescue)
  • Elderly & Loneliness
  • Medical Research

If you would like to send a request or would like to nominate a local cause please follow the link below:

Nominate a local cause