Sharing 5%


Sharing 5% of our net profits each year

In January 2017, we announced that we will share 5% of our net profits after tax with local communities. So far, we have made donations to local good causes totalling over £260,000.

The 5% pledge supports local charities, not-for-profit organisations and grassroots clubs within the Society’s operating area of Darlington, Teesside, County Durham, Sunderland and parts of North Yorkshire*.

Applications for funding are considered by our independent staff panel who meet on a quarterly basis.

We also work closely with County Durham Community Foundation and Tees Valley Community Foundation who help manage our charitable giving and at times provide match funding to help our donations go further.

*Donation requests are accepted from the following postcode areas: DL, TS, DH, SR, YO and HG.

Have your say

We ensure our charitable grants meet the causes voted by our members.

At our Annual General Meeting members choose their top charity categories when they vote, which decide our charitable giving for that year.

Each AGM vote also equates to a charitable donation of £1 for online or 50p per postal vote. Throughout the year in our Customer Satisfaction Survey members provide a charity or organisation they would like us support. The charity with the highest votes receives the AGM voting money.

In 2019 Cancer Research was chosen most by our members and we awarded them with a £1,000 donation from AGM voting money.

At the 2020 AGM the top four chosen charitable categories were:

1. Medical Care and Research    
2. Elderly health and wellbeing       
3. Children and young people’s health and wellbeing      
4. Vulnerable adults facing homelessness and poverty 

Apply for a charitable grant

If you are a local organisation looking for charitable support, please email with:

  • An overview of your charity/organisation (including contact details)
  • Reasons for your donation request
  • The donation amount requested
  • Number of people who will benefit from the donation

Your application will be reviewed at the next quarterly meeting.