Why we work exclusively with Why we work exclusively with BuildLoan..

Both the client & ourselves receive a professional review of build costs before the application is submitted, which mitigates the risk of the client running out of funds and providing peace of mind.

We can offer higher LTVs and LTCs, with cost-based lending and advance stage payments because of the support provided by BuildLoan and the MIG and Build Out Cover.

We value the Build Monitoring service provided by BuildLoan which keeps us informed on where the build is and can flag any issues early on.

If an issue were to arise during the build, BuildLoan will work with us and the broker to support.

Help to Build Scheme.

We are proud to be one of the first lenders to offer mortgages under the government’s Help to Build scheme. The scheme makes it more accessible for your client to build a home of their own.

To qualify for the scheme, your client only needs a 5% deposit. The government will offer an equity loan between 5% and 20% of the land and build costs, whilst Darlington funds the remaining cost of the project with one of our bespoke self-build mortgages.

For more information about the Help to Build scheme, or to register your interest, visit the government’s dedicated website here.

No more ‘computer says no’ with our dedicated service.

We provide BuildLoan with a dedicated underwriter and enquiry team, who specialise in Self Build cases. This means every case is checked by a person, not a computer, ensuring more complex cases are not automatically rejected.

Manual underwriting helps us to consider a wide range of circumstances. This includes alternative income, such as the self-employed, contractors or those dealing in foreign currency.

We also consider different build types, such as Modern Methods of Construction (MMC), timber structures, properties with cladding and different roof combinations. We even consider complex credit ratings.