Discover our Skilled Worker proposition.

If your client has a Skilled Worker Visa, and is looking to purchase property in the UK, then you’re in the right place.

With many people from overseas coming to the UK to fill skills gaps, it’s now easier to plant roots and take their first step onto the property ladder here in the UK.

Why place your Skilled Worker case with Darlington Intermediaries?

  • 90% LTV available for those applicants who are on a Skilled Worker Visa (Formerly Tier 2).
  • No minimum time in the UK.
  • Credit Search not Credit Score.
  • 2 Years remaining on the Visa.
  • 90% LTV available to single applicants earning £60k+ or joint applicants earning £90k+  (For all other incomes up to 80% LTV is available).

2 Year Fixed Rate (Skilled Worker VISA) – 90% LTV

Initial rate


Overall cost for comparison

7.90% APRC

Product fee


Early Repayment Charges and other fees may apply.

Based on a mortgage of £120,000.00 payable over 21 years, initially on our 5.99% Fixed rate for 2 years and 2 months, and then on our Standard Variable rate currently 8.09% for the remaining 18 years and 10 months. This would require 26 monthly payments of £842.12 and all remaining instalments of £983.69.
The total amount payable would be £244,254.06, made up of the loan amount plus interest of £124,254.06, a product fee of 0.50% and account fee of £0.
The overall cost for comparison is 7.90% APRC.
If all or part of your income is in a currency other than Pound Sterling (£), you should be aware about the risks of fluctuations in currency exchange rates. If the value of the relevant currency moves against you by at least 20% then that may make it more difficult for you to afford your mortgage payments.
The Representative Example is based on mortgages sold between 01/01/2018 – 31/12/2018 and if you were to take your mortgage product as of 11/05/2024.
All above information is for illustration purposes only and may vary depending on personal circumstances.

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