Secure Customer Authentication

We’re making Darlingtonline even more secure.

To ensure Darlingtonline continues to be a safe and secure service to manage your money online, all banks and building societies will be adding extra security checks for when you bank and transact online. We will be launching a two-step verification process (also known as SCA) in January 2020 which you will need when you transact, transfer or add a nominated account on Darlingtonline.

Secure Customer Authentication (SCA) helps to reduce fraud and make online payments more secure. You will need to set up a secondary verification step, using either Text Message or Telephone, which you will use when logging in / transacting on Darlingtonline. We will inform you when these changes will be taking place.

How does it work?

We will need to send you a verification code, by text message or email, which you will use to verify it is you.

The two-step verification process will launch in 2020 and we will inform you of the date in advance. You will be able to view your account(s) as normal once you have set-up your two-step verification.

When you log-in to Darlingtonline after the launch date, you will be sent an email containing a secure link which will direct you to set up your two-step verification set‐up.

You can choose either the “Text Message” or “Telephone Call” option for your verifications code to be sent to. You will be asked to confirm your mobile/telephone number (if given during registration) or asked to input a telephone number if not yet provided.

A bespoke code will be text to your mobile or recited when you answer your Telephone call, which you will use to input into Darlingtonline and successfully log into your account.

View our user guides for further information on setting up your two-step verification.

What happens next?

We will inform you of the scheduled launch date of the two-step verification process via secure message, after this date you will be unable to view your Darlington Building Society account(s) online until you follow the two-step verification process.

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

Contact us

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You can also message us directly when logged into Darlingtonline via the secure messaging option.

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