As our Head of Products and Propositions, Chris Brown is responsible for the Society’s suite of mortgage and savings products that we offer our customers.

Chris and his team are always monitoring the mortgage and savings landscape to ensure that Darlington Building Society stays on the cutting-edge of any financial service trends and evolving consumer needs.

“We’re always truly listening to what people need and tailoring our approach to suit our members,” he says. “There are people out there who, through no fault of their own, are being underserved by the market due of their personal circumstances. And that’s not right.

“That’s where our common sense approach to lending, through our products and human led decision making, has helped hundreds of people purchase their property.”

Born and bred in Sunderland, Chris attributes his sense of justice and fair play to his upbringing. He says, “People up here know and care about right and wrong – there’s such a great culture in the north about doing the right thing and looking after each other.”

After studying economics and accounting at Newcastle University, Chris cut his teeth in the Northern Rock graduate scheme and from there went to work for UK Asset Resolution Ltd., and later Virgin Money.

When an opportunity arose at Darlington Building Society in 2019, Chris’s experience and personal philosophy made him an excellent match.

“It’s so exciting to work for growing organisation that’s really true to its core beliefs about doing the right thing by its members,” he says.

“We want the Society to exceed of course, but when it does, we make our members happy, and 5 per cent of our profits go back into local causes, so the community is happy too. It’s a fantastic place to work, with great colleagues and a really exciting future.”