Get Involved

We gave the public the chance to have their say on who would benefit from a number of donations from the Society.

The below initiative has already been through some rigorous voting with the Society members voting for areas they would like the Society to support in the first half of the year, and then all branch staff then putting forward charities close them to in the respected areas.

We are now at a point where all of our 10 branches have 3 shortlisted charities to vote from. All charities will receive a donation from the Society, but the amount will be decided by the outcome of the public vote!

Each branch will be able to donate £1,600 in total to their three shortlisted charities:

Most votes                    = £1,000
Second placed votes   = £400                 
Least votes                    = £200

Voting has now closed and the results will be announced in due course.