What is covered in the Home Emergency Cover?

The policy provides cover up to £500 per claim in the following areas:

• Cover costs of the following household emergencies:

• Burst pipes or sudden leakage likely to cause damage to the Home or its contents.

• Accidental Damage, Break-in or Vandalism to external locks, doors or windows which compromises the security of the Home.

• Pest Infestation. Removal of wasp nests, field and house mice and brown rats within the home.

• Failure of your domestic water mains supply, gas supply, electricity, blockage or breaking or flooding of drains or sewers, or failure of your domestic hot water heating that is likely to cause internal water damage.

• A leakage caused by a smashed toilet bowl or cistern. Breakage of the cistern internal mechanism which prevents flushing and creates an emergency if there is no other toilet in the home.

• Lost Key where the only available Key to the Home has been lost, in order to gain normal access to the home.