How can I tell if my property meets the minimum security requirements?

Your final exit door, any other external doors, sliding doors, patio doors and double leaf French doors must all be secured with a 5 lever mortise deadlock conforming to BS3621, a rim automatic deadlock or a multi-point locking system. All externally accessible windows should be fitted with key operated window locks or key operated locking handles. Windows are deemed to be externally accessible if they can be accessed from outside your home without a ladder or by climbing from a nearby flat roof. Please note that you must use your security at night or when there is no one in the home or your cover for theft or attempted theft will be affected. If the insurers do not believe that the property meets the minimum-security requirements from the information provided when completing the quote, then an additional eligibility question would be added which the customer would need to agree to. This asks them to confirm that their property is fitted with British standard locks.