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Boost your pension - Even after retirement

Retirement used to be black and white, one day you were at work and the next you were a pensioner. Today “retirement” is more of a phase, particularly since 2015 when pension freedom was launched. Pension funds can now be accessed from age 55, allowing a gradual retirement before fully giving up work.

Planning for the General Election

We’re readying ourselves for a snap election. Many of our clients will be asking themselves and their advisers ‘what does the vote mean for me?’ and if you’re reading this article when it was published at the end of May, you have just over a week to decide how you will vote in the general election.

Women saving for retirement

Saving for retirement ahead of all the other daily pressures on finances can be tough. The challenge can be particularly difficult for women who take time out of work to raise a family. Research suggests that only 50 per cent of women in their 30s work full–time, compared with 81 per cent of men of the same age.