Darlington Intermediaries extends Specialist Discounted Mortgage range

Darlington Intermediaries have extended the end dates to their Specialist Discounted Rate Mortgage range, including a 3 year Expat Buy-to-Let product.

The Specialist range comprises products that sit outside standard lending criteria such as complex income and complex properties.

Darlington Intermediaries offer a variety of Discounted Rate products across their standard and specialised range, which benefit from a reduction in their current standard variable interest rate until a date specified on the product terms.

The four products which have been extended are:

  • Standard Residential 2 year discounted rate: 80% LTV with a new end date of 30/11/2022 and rate held at 2.09%
  • Specialist Residential 3 year discounted rate: 80% LTV with a new end date of 31/10/2023 and rate held at 2.59%
  • Specialist Residential 3 year discounted rate: 60% LTV with a new end date of  31/10/2023 and rate held at 2.29%
  • Specialist Expat Buy-to-Let 3 year discounted rate: 70% LTV with a new end date of 30/11/2023 and rate held at 3.39%.

Criteria and eligibility are based on individual circumstances and products are available direct or via Intermediaries.

It is important to remember that every mortgage is secured on the individual(s) home which they could lose if they do not keep up their mortgage payments.

To find out more, visit our intermediaries page or contact the Darlington Intermediaries team via email intermediaries@darlington.co.uk or call 01325 741004.

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