Step On Mortgage - 3 Year Fixed Rate FR299

This fixed rate mortgage could be available to you if you are buying your first home.

It could also be available to you for your newly built home using the Government's Help to Buy Equity Loan Scheme.

Our three year fixed rate mortgage allows you to plan your finances safe in the knowledge that your repayments will not be affected by changes in the interest rate until 31 May 2022. If you pay off your mortgage during the fixed rate period, you will pay an early repayment charge of 3% of the outstanding balance.

The Society will make a one-off contribution towards the cost of the basic valuation. The maximum contribution will be £300.00 and the actual amount depends on the value of the property. And because you never know when you might want to, you can make one lump sum repayment of 10% off your mortgage during the fixed rate period. This mortgage is only available if the property you are purchasing is in our local operating area (DL, TS, DH, YO, HG, SR).

If you think this fixed rate mortgage could be for you, carry on reading for more information.

Interest Rate
3.69% fixed until 31.05.2022
For the remainder of the term of the mortgage, changing to our SVR currently
5.95% and remaining on standard variable rate terms for the rest of the mortgage
Overall cost for comparison
5.1% APRC
£0 Product Fee
£0 Account Fee
Key features

Free basic valuation on properties valued up to £300,000.

No Product fee.

No Account fee.

Capital and interest repayment basis only.

One lump-sum repayment of 10% allowed within the fixed rate period.

Up to 95% LTV (including any fees added).

Up to 75% for Help to Buy (excluding any fees).

The maximum contribution towards a standard valuation will be £300.00 and the actual amount depends on the value of the property.


No product fee.

No account fee.

If you are a Help to Buy applicant, you can use up to a further 20% from the Government’s Help to Buy Equity Loan scheme. Please see the governments Help to Buy Equity Loan Schemes guidelines for further information about the scheme.

Free basic valuation on properties valued up to £300,000.


No compulsary insurances.


Only available for applicants where the property purchased is in our local area (DL, TS, DH, YO, HG, SR). The mortgaged property must be your permanent home.

This mortgage is available to applicants purchasing a new build property via the Help to Buy scheme in England and Wales via one of our branches or an intermediary. It is not available for the London Help to Buy scheme.

If you are a Help to Buy applicant, you won’t be able to sublet this home or enter a part exchange deal on your old home. You must not own any other property at the time you buy your new home with a Help to Buy: Equity Loan.

Higher lending charge
Not applicable.
Capital repayments
One lump sum payment of up to 10% of the initial mortgage loan allowed during the fixed rate period.
Early repayment charge
3% of the outstanding balance if redeemed before 31.05.2022.

Please note the product is not portable for Help to Buy applications, however the product is portable for standard residential mortgages.

Darlington Building Society are required to provide you with Standard Information which is a representative of the current mortgage, which is set out below:

Society Example
The total amount of the credit
Duration of the contract
15 Years
The duration of the fixed period
3 Years 2 Months
The initial fixed rate
The amount of the fixed rate instalments
The number of the fixed instalments
The frequency of the fixed instalments
Our Standard Variable Rate (SVR)
The duration of the SVR period
11 Years 10 Months
The frequency of the SVR instalments
The amount of SVR instalments
The total amount payable
The total amount of interest payable
Mortgage exit fee
Product fee
Account fee
The overall cost for comparison
5.1% APRC
Representative example summary

If all or part of your income is in a currency other than Pound Sterling (£), you should be aware about the risks of fluctuations in currency exchange rates. If the value of the relevant currency moves against you by at least 20% then that may make it more difficult for you to afford your mortgage payments.

The Representative Example is based on mortgages sold between 01/01/2017 – 31/12/2017 and if you were to take your mortgage product as at 01/04/2019.

All above information is for illustration purposes only and may vary depending on personal circumstances.

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