Need something a little more specialised?

We understand that not every person’s circumstances fit the standard lending criteria when applying for a mortgage and it can often be a challenge at times to find the mortgage you want.

At Darlington Building Society we assess all mortgage applications on an individual basis and look at a borrower’s personal circumstances.

Our specialised mortgage range available across England, Scotland and Wales and caters for a range of complex situations.

Your mortgage is secured on your home. Think carefully before securing other debts against your home. Your home may be repossessed if you do not keep up repayments on your mortgage.

Please note: as of close of business on Friday 18th September, Darlington Building Society are amending our minimum loan size for new mortgage applications to £100,000. We will consider applications for a minimum loan of £25,000 from applicants where the postcode of the mortgaged property is within the Society’s operating postcode area: DL, TS, YO, DH, SR & HG. The minimum loan size applies only to new mortgage applications and does not impact existing members seeking additional borrowing, product transfers or any other servicing based requests.

Complex Income

We define Complex Income as anything that sits outside our standard lending criteria and we would encourage you to speak to one of our advisors regarding your individual circumstances. The below list shows examples of what we would class as complex income but this is by no means the exhaustive list.

What does complex income mean?

  • Your income from employment or self-employment is provided using SA302 forms (benefits and maintenance will be deemed as standard)
  • You are a contractor using anything other than a simple day rate of x no. of days x 46 weeks (for example if you are a CIS contractor or have less than a year’s experience contracting)
  • You are paid in a foreign currency that is in the Society’s accepted list of currencies
  • Your income is made up of other alternative non-standard sources of income include vesting shares, trust, investment, SIPP, property portfolio, foreign pension and others
  • You are a newly qualified professional(s) who requires more than 4.5x income (max 6x)

At Darlington Building Society we underwrite to borrowers' personal circumstances as we are aware that it can be a challenge to get a mortgage when your personal circumstances don’t fit into the standard criteria that mortgage providers typically ask for.

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Complex Property

This is where your property has unusual characteristics, which may include being listed, of non-standard construction or have significant acreage (>10), outbuildings or significantly restrictive covenants or planning conditions.

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A residential mortgage where you currently rent, or intend to rent a room to a lodger under the government’s rent-a-room scheme (which allows up to £7,500 per annum to be earned tax free).

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Lending into Retirement (interest only)

A selection of interest only mortgages which cater for situations where your mortgage term will continue beyond your projected retirement date or where you require a mortgage when you have already retired (or have reached 70 years of age).

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