Megan is really enjoying being part of the team at the Guisborough Branch of Darlington Building Society, and enjoys interacting with the different customers that she meets every day.

She had only just turned 16 when her schooling finished early because of Covid-19, and she hadn’t really decided what sort of career she wanted. When Megan started looking at what was available, she saw the advert for apprentices with Darlington Building Society.

“I researched the company, and liked what I read,” she says. “I particularly liked their commitment to the community, and the fact that they give back 5% to help community projects. It seemed like a really good company to work for.”

Her position as Customer Service Assistant means that she works on the front counter, and understands that she’s not only there to help customers with any transactions, but that she is also representing the company.

“Although I’ve only been there since September, I feel that I’m getting to know the regular customers. I do enjoy talking to the different people that come into the branch, and helping them with their queries.”

Megan understands that a friendly face on the other side of the counter is an important part of the job – especially in the current climate where some customers may not be seeing many other people very often.

As well as the ‘on-the-job’ training, Megan is enrolled on an apprenticeship training college course through Middlesbrough College.

Unfortunately, the teaching has had to be done on-line during Covid-19, but Megan says that her modules are going well.

“The course is directly relevant to what we are doing in-branch, and also gives us more in-depth knowledge about the company,” explains Megan, “Amongst other things, we’ve learnt about the different accounts that are available, and what the benefits are, so that each customer gets the one that is right for them. It’s information that we need to do our jobs well.”

Megan’s monthly reviews with her manager are going well, but she’s not looking too far ahead.

“I’m just concentrating on my 12-month training for the moment, but I might think about applying for a role as a Customer Service Consultant in the future,” she says.

In the meantime, Megan is taking her own advice and has opened her own Darlington Building Society account, to save up for driving lessons.