Tees Valley kids kept busy with activity boxes funded by Darlington Building Society

Photo credit: Facebook (Pip – disabled mum)

Published: 05 January 2022

Teesside Community Action Group (TCAG) applied to Darlington Building Society’s 5% Pledge and received £2,000 to fund activity packs for hundreds of children through the holidays.

The charity’s Summer Activity project helped children who were unlikely to access face-to-face, organised activities during the holidays.

Packs were themed around crafts, growing food, keeping active and life skills plus families also received a Healthy Eating box. These were provided by Tees Valley Together, as part of the project.

Treasurer of TCAG, Nigel Carden, said: “Darlington Building Society’s donation has been absolutely pivotal for us to be able to launch the project.

“Not only have they made this wonderful donation, but they offered help with volunteering as we emerge from the pandemic.”

Once the scheme started, other charities came on board to help, which meant that more families could receive activity boxes.

“Getting the Darlington Building Society money was the critical moment,” added Nigel. “Once we could roll the scheme out across the Tees Valley, other organisations and individuals jumped in to help.

We’ve been able to provide activity boxes to more than 100 families.”

Pip, a Disability Advocate, Activist and Blogger said: “Our children and families with disabilities have been through so much. Many children enjoyed free face-to-face activities this summer, provided by councils. We made sure that children in hospital, with health conditions, disabilities or neurodiverse children from low-income families wouldn’t miss out.

“I can’t thank Darlington Building Society and other charities enough for supporting the project to make it a reality.”

A Darlington Building Society spokesperson said: “It’s great to see the charities working together, and to know that the Society’s donation kick started it.

“Teesside Community Action Group is a small charity doing big things to help the community. Darlington Building Society is happy to be part of that.”

More information

To find out more about TCAG, go to: www.facebook.com/groups/teessidecommunityaction

To find out more about Pip’s work go to:  www.facebook.com/pipdisabledmum

For more information about the 5% Pledge visit: www.darlington.co.uk/our-community