All it takes to make your day is to be offered that one job that you really, really want. This was how Chloe felt when she successfully applied to join Darlington Building Society as an Apprentice.

After being invited to the assessment test and interview, Chloe was delighted to be offered a place to train as a Customer Service Assistant Apprentice with Darlington Building Society.

“I kept checking my emails every day after the interview, and I was so happy to get the job, I nearly cried,” remembers Chloe. “This was the one job I wanted above all of those that I had applied for, so I was over the moon when I got it.”

Chloe, 21, came to Darlington Building Society after working for a couple of years at a call centre. She applied for the position because she enjoyed maths, and was particularly interested in working in the financial sector.

She is also pleased to be on an apprenticeship because she likes learning through day-release as well as on-the-job.

“I’m enjoying the academic side of the college work, like doing assignments, alongside working in branch,” she says. “We’re working shorter days because of Covid, which means I can study at home for the modules.

“Darlington Building Society gives us the time to balance the college work with on-the-job training, so it’s not like trying to fit in the studying with a full-time job.”

Following two weeks initial training at Head Office in Darlington, the apprentices were assigned their individual branches. Chloe started at the main Darlington branch, in Tubwell Row, in mid-September. She works with a dozen or so other colleagues, and recognizes that teamwork is very important.

“We all work well together, and everyone supports each other so much. I’ve really learned a lot in the short time I’ve been working with the Society,” she explains. “All my colleagues are happy to help, and they let me watch what they’re doing, so I’m learning new things all the time.”

Working on the front counter means that Chloe meets a lot of the customers, which she very much enjoys.

She says: “I like speaking to the customers when they come in. Now that I’ve been here a while, I’ve got to know many of those who come in regularly, and enjoy having a chat with them.”

Chloe has also spent a day helping out in the Yarm branch, when they were short-staffed.

“Tubwell Row is quite a large, busy branch, whereas Yarm is much smaller, so I was excited to see how another branch operated, and what the differences were.” she says. “I would like to continue to help out in other branches in the future.”

Once Chloe finishes her Level 2 apprenticeship, she is keen to go on to Level 3 with Darlington Building Society, which will see her training as a Customer Service Consultant.

“I would definitely like to stay with the Society, and keep progressing,” she says. “Maybe, even one day, being manager of my own branch. You have to keep aiming high.”