“Apprenticeships let me bring learning back into work,” says Distribution Director Louise Thorpe

“Apprenticeships let me bring learning back into work,” says Distribution Director Louise Thorpe

Published: 11 February 2022

Apprenticeships have helped Louise Thorpe’s career soar with Darlington Building Society. She joined the Society as a part-time customer service consultant eighteen years ago, and recently landed a Distribution Director role.

Louise has completed three apprenticeships since joining the Society, and has found each one to be a valuable experience.

“Apprenticeships have been a big part of my journey within the Society,” she says.

Beneficial for individuals and employers

“I wanted to increase my skillset but also to bring the learning back into the workplace. It was important that I could apply it to our day-to-day operations, which made apprenticeships a great option.”

Louise gained her Level 4 and Level 5 Leadership and Management qualifications through apprenticeships. She is also in the final stages of a Master’s Degree in Strategic Leadership. Again, this is through an apprenticeship, demonstrating that they are not exclusively for school leavers and further education.

“Developing internal talent is at the heart of the Darlington Building Society ethos. We’ve found that apprenticeships are a fantastic way to do that,” she added.

“It depends on people’s learning styles, but I find apprenticeships give you a chance to reflect on your learning. They help you to understand the best way to fit the theory into your work.

“This option also presents a chance to network – working alongside people from all different industries. I can see different ways of working in action and can bring new approaches back to Darlington Building Society.

“I’ve become lifelong friends with people I’ve met doing the apprenticeships. It really opens your eyes to the benefits of strong relationships and good contacts!

“The Society invested in me by putting me through these courses. By bringing that learning back to the company I feel like I can return their faith in me with interest!”

Darlington Building Society is celebrating colleagues’ achievements throughout the Society this National Apprenticeship Week. You can follow the series here.

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