MEMBERS and staff are the stars of the new corporate film produced by Darlington Building Society.

Members, representing all generations, have been placed at the heart of the film, highlighting how the Society has been serving members, staff and local communities across the North-East since 1856.

The film features satisfied members, including some who have been with the Society for more than 50 years, and others who are just starting out on their savings journey.

They talk about how the Society – as a mutual financial institution – has enabled them to buy their first homes, helped them save for other major purchases or simply ensure they have a savings pot for a rainy day.

A theme running through the film is the personal touch members enjoy from the Darlington Building Society staff who always greet them with a smile.

One loyal member, Margaret Gamble, of Middlesbrough, sums it up by saying: “I know them, and they know me.”

The film also shows how the Society supports local communities through an ongoing commitment to donate five per cent of its profits to local good causes.

For example, the Society was one of the core partners that enabled ‘The Bread and Butter Thing’ to come to Darlington, and the charity was filmed distributing surplus fresh food from supermarkets and other retailers to families in need of support.

The Society also invested in local talent by commissioning Ithica Films, in Middlesbrough, to produce the film.

Matt McGough, managing director of Ithica Films, said: “We’ve been involved with telling the stories around mutual organisations for some time now, and it’s a fascinating space to explore.

“Any focus on people and community is always compelling, and the work that these organisations are involved with and support is vital. Darlington Building Society are involved in so much, so we were excited that they wanted to partner with us to help tell that story.”

Darlington Building Society chief executive, Andrew Craddock, added: “We wanted a film that captured our core values around excellent customer care and proud community support, and we are delighted with the end result.”

Click here to watch the film.