Economic Secretary to the Treasury John Glen MP and Andrew Craddock Darlington Building SocietyPublished: 6 June 2022

Last week, Economic Secretary to the Treasury, John Glen MP, visited Darlington and stopped by Darlington Building Society.

After working from the new Treasury department at the Darlington Economic Campus, Mr Glen visited our Head Office and met with Chief Executive, Andrew Craddock and Chief Operating Officer Chris Hunter, for an informal coffee and a catch up.

Mr Glen has been actively engaged with building society sector for years and understands the key work they do encouraging saving and helping people to own their own homes, as well as supporting local high streets and local communities.

Economic Secretary to the Treasury, John Glen MP, said of the visit: “Building societies play a vital role in local communities, offering financial services to consumers across the UK.”

He continued that it was “Great to catch up with Darlington Building Society and to hear about their successful year and plans to serve members in the north east.”

Andrew Craddock, Darlington Building Society Chief Executive said: “We knew that having the Economic Campus in Darlington would be great for the region, and it is encouraging to see senior leaders such as John Glen MP visiting regularly, and truly engaging with business leaders in the north east. It was fantastic to catch up and I hope we can continue our conversations in the months and years ahead.

“With the cost-of-living crisis expected to hit members hard later this year, it is crucial we continue engaging with government and work together to help those without large savings pots to see them through the worst, and Darlington Building Society is powering full steam ahead to make that happen on a larger scale than ever before.”

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