Notice savings accounts that work for you

Notice savings accounts that work for you

Published: 10 November 2022

We are offering a savings proposition unique to the north east high street: a wide collection of notice savings accounts, to provide competitive savings rates to a wider range of people in the region we serve.

Offering the widest range of notice accounts on the north east high street means that our members can take advantage of the higher interest rates earned on notice savings accounts, whilst maintaining flexibility by selecting a withdrawal notice period that best suits their circumstances.

We currently offer four notice savings accounts with notice periods ranging from 7 to 90 days.

Chris Brown, Products and Marketing Director said: “Locking away savings isn’t a viable option for everyone right now. However, for those who can, putting your money into a notice savings account is a great way of earning more savings interest.

“We have created a suite of accounts to make opening a notice savings account an accessible option for more people. Depending on which product is selected, between 7 and 90 days’ notice is needed to make a withdrawal. Typically, the longer the notice period, the more interest that account earns.

“Offering four notice savings accounts is unique to the north east high street, and just one of the ways we are helping support our members through the cost of living challenges.”

Learn more about Darlington Building Society’s notice savings accounts here: Notice Savings Accounts – Darlington Building Society