Already a star when it comes to savings

STUDENT Emily Howard dreams of performing on stage and screen – but she’s already a star when it comes to saving.

Emily, 17, has been a member of Darlington Building Society since her mum opened a junior savings account for her when she was a baby.

On the right road to a savings habit

Her parents, Marianne and David, had a golden rule throughout her childhood, insisting she could only spend half of her birthday and Christmas money, with the rest being invested in her savings.

When Emily got her first job – pot-washing at a local soft-play area – she opened a Teen Goal Saver account at Darlington Building Society’s Yarm branch, with the aim of saving enough money to buy a car.

To help her along the way, her Grandad, Geoff, promised to add 10 per cent to whatever she saved in her first year, and now she’s the proud owner of a smart, black Ford Ka.

“Full of praise for staff at the Society”

“It was exciting to be able to buy my first car, even though I was also a bit gutted at the same time to be spending my savings!” says Emily, who is studying Acting For Stage and Screen at Stockton Riverside College.

“It was really helpful that my family got me into the savings habit from being little, and it’s something that I’ll carry on through my life.”

She’s full of praise for staff at the Society’s Yarm branch, adding: “They were very friendly and explained everything really clearly, so that gave me a lot of confidence. They also loved my dog, Bella!”

Continuing the saving habit

And Emily is clearly determined to maintain the family tradition for saving. She’s now opened an ISA, using the money that had built up in her junior account since she was a baby.

“The plan is to use my savings to go travelling during a gap year after college – and then try to get a part in Coronation Street one day!” she smiles.

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