From being quite small, Albert Finn talked about buying his own car, and, with the help of a Darlington Building Society savings account, that dream became a reality as soon as he passed his test at 17.

“From when he was quite young, Albert would save his birthday and Christmas money,” explains mum, Emma. “He always said that it was to buy his first car, and that’s exactly what he did once he passed his test. He’s now doing an engineering apprenticeship, and is still saving to buy his next car.”

Emma, Albert, and dad, Bill, have all been savers with the society for many years – putting money aside regularly for special occasions.

When Emma’s grandad died a couple of years ago, she put the money she inherited into a Darlington Building Society savings account because she wanted to do something special with it. That something special was an unforgetable, once-in-a-lifetime family holiday to New Zealand.

Emma is a customer at the Yarm branch, and appreciates the personal approach that she gets there.

“One of the reasons I chose to save with the Society was because they have a high street presence, and, although I do my day-to-day banking online, I like the personal touch that I get at the branch. I’ve got to know the people that work there quite well, now, and they’re always very knowledgeable and helpful.”

In fact, it was on one visit to the branch that Emma was told about the government-backed Help To Buy ISA, which is a great way of saving to buy your first house. They have since opened an account for Albert so that he has a nest egg of money to put towards a deposit on a house when the time comes.

The family has recently downsized their own home, and some of the money from the sale of their old house has gone into their Darlington Building Society savings account.

“Once we’re settled in, I know there will be some things that we will want to do with the house,” says Emma, “so it’s nice knowing that there is some money set aside for when we need it.

“I’ve always saved with Darlington Building Society – I wouldn’t go anywhere else,” she adds. “The staff that work in the Yarm branch are a credit to the organisation; always very friendly, helpful and knowledgeable.

“I get good advice from them, and it’s just great customer service all round.”