Paul Jervis, Facilities and Health & Safety Manager

Paul served as a Staff Sergeant (SSgt) in the Army’s Royal Logistic Corps (RLC).

On Darlington Building Society being a signatory of the Armed Forces Covenant, Paul says:

“Being a Covenant signatory feels like a natural fit for the Society, as a mutual and a community-focused financial services provider. Veterans play a part in the local community, and the Covenant helps to make sure that they can have their financial services needs met, whilst facilitating their often unique requirements. A very welcome step.”

On key transferrable skills gained in the Forces, Paul says:
“From an employee perspective, there’s plenty of transferrable skills from my time in the Forces which play well into my role at Darlington Building Society. Teamwork, planning, common goals, organisation, efficiency of execution, communication and delegation to name a few. There are lots of alternative careers to be had after the Military, and the Society is a great place to put the skills learned in the Forces to good use, as a welcoming and supportive employer of people from all types of career backgrounds. There’s also lots of opportunities to try different roles around the business, which may help people leaving the Forces gauge which direction they want their career to take.”

We are committed to supporting military personnel past and present, whether they’re colleagues, members or in our local communities. You can learn more on our Armed Services Covenant page.