Working with both commercial and residential customers adds variety to Steve Iles’ job with the Society. He, and his experienced Financial Support Team, are on hand to provide guidance to customers, particularly when times get tough.

“A mortgage is a long-term commitment and, undoubtedly, over the years, there will be changes in circumstances.  I have a great team that can support customers when things get challenging.

“If you are worried about your mortgage payments – whether residential or commercial – we are here to help. We want to enable people to live financially stable lives, and we treat every customer as an individual.”

Whilst the Society no longer provides commercial lending, it has many existing commercial customers, and part of Steve’s responsibility is to support these.

“It’s about building a solid relationship with customers so we understand their business. I am here to support those businesses through the good and the difficulties times, whilst ensuring that they can continue to service their loans,” he says.

Steve joined the Society in January 2021, although has worked in the banking and finance industry for around 40 years and has specialised in commercial lending for 30 of those, working with such lenders as Aldermore, Barclays, Citibank and NatWest.

However, working within a smaller organisation, like Darlington Building Society, Steve gets involved in more varied responsibilities, which he confirms, “makes the job more interesting.  And unlike some of the ‘big’ banks, DBS has time to get to know and care about its customers”.