Managing your savings accounts

Here you can find all the information you need when dealing with your existing savings account with Darlington Building Society.

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Paying money in

You cannot have more than £500,000 in any account, unless special conditions apply. Also, you cannot have more than £500,000 in total in all accounts you have with us.

If you pay in a cheque, the money will not be available for you to withdraw until six working days after you paid it in. A cheque cannot be reclaimed by the Society from your account after this time unless the cheque is connected with fraud or you agree to the withdrawal.

If you wish to send money from another bank to your account with us, this may take up to four days to process. You can make withdrawals once the money is in your account.

If we receive standing order payments and they do not contain enough details for us to process them, we will hold for 7 days, after which the money will be returned to the issuing bank account. It may take a further four days from instruction to reach the originating account.

We do not accept or issue ‘post-dated’ cheques (those with a future date on them). We will refuse to accept a cheque which is made payable to ‘Darlington Building Society’. All cheques should be made payable to you or the person whose account they are to be paid into. This is to prevent fraud.

Withdrawing money

You can make withdrawals at any of our branches but please ensure that you have read and understood the terms and conditions of your savings account to check for any specific withdrawal conditions.

Withdrawal limits apply to the particular account and to the branch. Our normal limit on cash withdrawals is £500 a day. Our limit on a withdrawal in the form of a cheque is between £25 and £50,000 a day (depending on the particular account you have) as long as you make the withdrawal at one of our branches, and you have enough money available to withdraw in your account.

Notice periods

If the account conditions state that you must give us a number of days' notice before you can make a withdrawal, you may give us this notice by phone, over the counter in a branch or in writing.

Closing your account

You may close your account at any time subject to any limits on withdrawals, without giving us notice, unless the special conditions for your account say otherwise.

If you have to give us notice or there are any other special conditions, these are shown in the leaflet for your specific account.

If you close your account we will return any money owed to you within 30 days. This period begins the day we receive your request to close the account.

We are entitled to receive any sums owed to us within 30 days. This period begins from the day you send your request to close the account.

We can close your account and pay you all or part of the balance, without giving any reason, if we give you 30 days’ notice in writing.

However, we will not do this if we have accepted the investment for a fixed period of time which has not come to an end.

Want to speak to a friendly staff member?

Sometimes it's easier to discuss things face-to-face. All our branches have staff ready and waiting to talk. If you’d like to discuss your options or you think you need help, call in at your local branch.

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Alternatively call our enquiries line between:

9am and 5pm Monday to Friday (9:30am and 5pm Tuesday) or
9am and 12pm on Saturday

Our staff will be more than happy to help with any questions or queries