In celebration of Valentine’s Day, we wanted to take the time to share with you the services we offer and why you will love the prospect of saving your money with us. 

At Darlington Building Society, we are committed to putting our members first across the North East, County Durham, and North Yorkshire.

If you love the thought of saving and keeping track of your money, we have a wide range of services that may be of interest to you. Whatever your age, circumstances, or goals for saving; we have a range of savings accounts to choose from.

We offer regular savings accounts to ISA’s and children’s savings accounts. Let us help you pick the right savings account for you today.

Saving little and often can help pay for things you’ll love, such as holidays or a deposit for a mortgage. Helping a child save can teach them the value of money. Overall, saving money gives you security for the future and is very rewarding long-term.

Find out about the most popular types of accounts we offer.

Easy Access Savings Accounts

We have a number of savings accounts available in our branches across the North East and our easy access accounts are very popular across a range of our members.

This type of savings account gives you straightforward access to your savings with no fuss. So, no matter what life throws your way, you can decide when to access it and how much you want to save.

You have the ability to withdraw money as and when you wish, giving you the freedom to save confidently whenever you wish.

In addition, our online banking service Darlingtonline, means you can manage your savings no matter what day of the week.

Regular Savings Accounts

When you open a regular savings account with us, this will allow you to save an agreed amount of money each month. You will receive interest on the money you save and have access to withdraw your money if and when you need it.

If you are new to saving, this account is a great solution for introducing the benefits of putting money away for the future. With Darlingtonline, you can manage your savings throughout the week as and when you require.

Children’s Savings Accounts

Whether you want to help your children save their pocket money, birthday or Christmas funds, or earnings from their first part-time job; open a children’s savings account today.

There’s no better time to start saving for your children’s future than now. Introducing to your children the method of saving money early on will help teach them the value of money and how to manage money in the future.

When you open a savings account for a child you can watch the amount grow and help show them how saving a little bit today means they can buy themselves something nice tomorrow.

Individual Savings Accounts

Earn tax-free interest on your savings, up to your personal allowance, each year with an ISA.

Open an ISA with as little as £1 and top it up throughout the year until it reaches the personal allowance you opened the account with. Each ISA we have available has an attractive rate of interest, which is completely tax-free and paid once a year.

For help with saving money, don’t hesitate to contact us on 01325 366 366 or email us at

Alternatively, pop down to your local branch.